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Albanians-Today is news & information mailing list that distributes pertinent and relevant information covering issues related to human, civil, cultural, academic, economic, and religious rights and freedoms throughout the Albanian lands.

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Albanians in Macedonia Crisis Center (AMCC)
This site intends to shed some light on various forms of oppression, aggression and human rights violation the Macedonian government has exercised on the Albanian population since 1991, when Macedonia declared its independence, and until 2001, as well as the years leading towards the breakup of Yugoslavia. [more...]

Kosova Crisis Center (KCC)
With the start of the Serb massacres in Kosova in February 1998, the KCC (Kosova Crisis Center) and KCC-NEWS were established.   The purpose of KCC and KCC-NEWS was to keep the world informed with the facts from the ground about the Serb atrocities committed against women, children and elderly people, as well as the oppression against everything Albanian in Kosova. [more...]

Advocates for Kosova Independence (AKI)
the Advocates for Kosova Independence (AKI) site has been created for the purpose of providing a forum for discussion and research to evaluate as to what form that self-determination should take. [more...]

Free Albin Kurti
Albin Kurti, Kosova Albanian student leader was sentenced to serve a 15 year jail term in 2000. He was suddenly released from the Serbian prison in January 2002. [more...]

Nait Hasani
began his political activities very early, when he was in high school and later in the university's Student Union. So from very early on, police persecuted him. Now he is in prison for the fourth time by the Serbian regime. [more...]

Kosova Student Protests '98
This site is dedicated to Albanian Students in Kosova and their fight for a basic right, the right of education in their own language. Even though Albanian Language University and High Schools in the region existed for decades, the Serbian regime closed down all of them, forcing the Albanian Students and Professors to hold their classes outside their school premises since 1991.